Journal Details- Volume-1 , Issue-5

Sl No Article Name Author Name Download e-Certificate Subject Area
1 The Changing Face of FMCG Marketing in Rural Sector. Akash S Savalasang Download e-Certificate
2 The Views of Tamil Scholars Regarding the origin of Jaffna Kingdom(Sri Lanka) Dr.K. Arunthavarajah, Miss Mangalaruby Sivakumar Download e-Certificate
3 An Empirical Study of the Preferences and Buying Behavior of Silk Sarees Among Women Consumers in Vellore Town. Dr.S. Kalaiyarasi Download e-Certificate
4 A Study on Stress Among University Students in India. Dr. M. Prabhu, Dr. G. Madan Mohan Download e-Certificate
5 Telecom Services: Emerging Trends, Opportunities and Risk. Dr.M.Prasanna Kumar Download e-Certificate
6 The Economic Performance of Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions. A Case of ONGC Videsh Ltd. Jayanta Kumar Mohapatra Download e-Certificate
7 The Importance of Training and Development Programmes in Hotel Industry. P Nischithaa, M V A L Narasimha Rao Download e-Certificate
8 A Study on Implementation of Electronic Procurement System by an Aerospace Company. Dr.C.Sengottuvelu Download e-Certificate
9 Smart Future India (SFI). Tomas CJ, Jamal Musthafa KM Download e-Certificate
10 Lingerie Brand Experience Study in the Pune Market. Prof.Neetu Singh Download e-Certificate
11 An Insight into Indian Retailing Industry- A Holistic Approach. Dr. Pankajakshi . R, Ms. S.Kavitha Download e-Certificate
12 Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Relational Aspect. Rajwinder Kaur Download e-Certificate
13 The Role of Corporate Governance Practices in Selected Indian Financial Institutions. Dr.Shobha.C,Dr.Kalaivani. K N Download e-Certificate
14 Mobile Trading in India: Way Towards Financial Inclusion. Rajwinder Kaur, Kamalpreet Kaur Download e-Certificate
15 Impact of Students? Profile on Job Satisfaction of the Teachers in Tirunelveli District. Dr.N.Rajalingam, V. Narayanan Nair Download e-Certificate
16 Micro Finance ?Institutional Operations in India. Dr. G. Srinivasa Rao Download e-Certificate
17 Customer Perception towards Modern Developments in Banking Channels in Chennai City. D.Srinivasan, P.Madevan Download e-Certificate
18 A Study on Consumer Preference on Users of Car in Krishnagiri Town. D.Lakshmanan. K. Gayathri Download e-Certificate
19 Capacity Building: Way to Good Governance at Municipal Level. Krishanu Guha Majumder Download e-Certificate
20 CRM Elements and Integrated Growth of the Organization. Dr. R.S. Ramesh, Prof. V.S. Chauhan Download e-Certificate
21 Growth Analysis of Mangoes in India. Mary Antoni Rosalin, Dr. A. Vinayagamoorthy Download e-Certificate
22 An Empirical Investigation on Work-Life Balance among Working Mothers: Emerging HRM Interventions. Sahana Maiya, Dr. M.M. Bagali Download e-Certificate
23 Talent Management: A Key Component to Business Success. Dr. Swapan Kumar Roy Download e-Certificate
24 Adversity Quotient: One Stop Solution to Combat Attrition Rate of Women in Indian IT Sector. Shivaranjani Prof.Shivaranjani Download e-Certificate
25 India- New Zealand Trade Relation: Comparative Analysis. Mohd.Saif Alam Download e-Certificate
26 Leadership is Not A Position, It?s an Action Dr. Ch. Srikanth Verma, Mr. K.D. Swarna Raj Download e-Certificate
27 Effectiveness of MPC System in Industry. Mahesh M. Bhagwat, Harshad V. Ukarde, Aniket S, Chindarkar, Hrishikesh M. Gangan, Akashata U. Jadha Download e-Certificate
28 Information Technology Services to the Bank Customers in Indian Banking Industry. Syed Sadat Ali Alias Abdul Gani, Dr.T. N.Murty Download e-Certificate
29 Effectiveness of E-Governance among Rural Women. Sefiya.K.M Download e-Certificate
30 Performance Evaluation of Andhra Bank & Bank of Maharashtra with Camel Model. Dr. Mahua Biswas Download e-Certificate
31 Bancassurance in India- A SWOT Analysis. Dr. D.Rajasekar, T.Hymavathi Kumari Download e-Certificate
32 A Study on impact of Tourism in Tamil Nadu with Special Reference to Trichy District. Ms.Mahalakshmi Venkatesh, Dr.P. Stanly Joseph Maicheal Raj, Ms.R.Buvaneswari Download e-Certificate
33 International Marketing of Indian Electrical Equipments in Power Distribution Sector Thangamani.T ,Dr.M.Karmaraj,Dr.Maran Download e-Certificate
34 Marketing Strategies of Toilet Soap Manufacturing Industry in Karnataka (A Case Study of KS&DL, Bangalore) Dr. Rupla Naik.S Download e-Certificate
35 An Empirical Investigation into the Constructs Influencing Shareholder Engagement P. Sathyanarayanan, Dr.SamudhraRajakumar Download e-Certificate